Code Of Conduct

  1. Comply with all Laws and Regulatory Requirements.

    Each Affiliate/Employee is required to obey all federal, state and local laws and government regulations that pertain to Personal-Touch. Each Affiliate/Employee is expected to be familiar with the basic legal requirements that are relevant to his or her job and duties.

  2. Comply with Donnas Assisted Living Facility Policies and Procedures.

    Donnas Assisted Living Facility Board Members and Affiliate/Employees also must comply with departmental, administrative and human resources policies and procedures.

  3. Comply with all Patient Care Rights Statements.

    All Affiliate/Employees must comply with the standards set forth in the Personal-Touch Bill of Rights.

    Affiliate/Employees also must comply with Personal-Touch policies, applicable federal, state, and local laws governing patient care, including but not limited to, patient rights, patient complaints, and the confidentiality of patient records and information

  4. Keep Accurate Records.

    Each Affiliate/Employee is expected to comply with Personal-Touch and governmental requirements regarding record keeping. All records and reports are to be prepared contemporaneously, accurately, and are to be maintained and retained in accordance with applicable record-keeping requirements.

  5. Behave Ethically.

    Each Affiliate/Employee is expected to adhere to ethical standards when he or she acts within Personal-Touch or on behalf of Personal-Touch. Pictures of clients, their PHI or photos of the inside of client homes is strictly prohibited unless they sign a “Photo Release” permission.

  6. Be Forthright with Accrediting Organizations and Governmental Entities.

    All Affiliate/Employees must deal with representatives of accrediting organizations and governmental entities openly and honestly. No Affiliate/Employees should take any action to mislead an accreditor, survey team or governmental entity.

  7. Comply with the Conflict of Interest Policy.

    Each Affiliate/Employee is expected to be loyal to Personal-Touch, to avoid using his or her position for personal gain, and to comply with the conflict of interest policy, a copy of which is included within the Code of Conduct.

  8. Report Possible Violations.
  9. Each Affiliate/Employee is expected to report any possible violations of law or ethical standards in accordance with the procedure set forth in this Program.

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